Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Terror on East 72nd Street by E. E. Hunt

A violent encounter between two men on East 72nd Street in Manhattan precipitates a series of conflicts between U.S. federal agents and Canadian Islamic terrorists who seek to destroy the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. From the Catskill Mountains and the Bear and Fox Club to a hazardous BC ferry crossing from Vancouver to Victoria to an abandoned steam rail tunnel leading to the Brooklyn waterfront and a stolen fireboat the protagonists play a game of cat and mouse resulting in murder, mayhem and martyrdom. Every step of the way is laden with a succession of chilling turns of events and unexpected encounters with evil that will keep your attention glued to the very end.
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Terror on East 72nd Street is a non-stop, heart-pumping, action-filled book that kept me on my toes from one page to the next.  The writing was great and the characters were easy to relate to.  I would give this book four stars.

Publish America
March 16, 2009
276 pages
$27.95 US

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