Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome to Miami

Guest post written by my buddy Fidel Hernandez

My favorite crime show is without a doubt CSI: Miami. I love the characters and I think the show can be both dramatic and funny at times thanks to the dry yet clever humor of the script. It does not hurt that the scenes are shot in beautiful Miami beach with water that is blue as a saphire that I can easily see on my crystal clear HD quality direct tv package deals.

My freinds and I love to gather around the TV when it comes on weekly with new shows. It is always a welcome study break and I like it focuses on the lives of the characters and not just the current drama or mystery crime. The crimes themselves are always very intricate as well. I like that CSI uses flashbacks to illustrate what may or may not have happened according to a witness. I think this is what seperates it from other crime shows in the same genre.

I always hate when a character is lost or is killed off on the show. I have seen several good actors leave my favorite show but, as long as the man character, the red haired detective then I am fine with anyone leaving but him because I think he makes the show. No matter what anyone says, CSI: Miami is the best crime show on TV today!

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