Friday, November 19, 2010

Winterizing the House Saves Money

Written by Don Gregory

Getting my house ready for winter takes time and money. But those costs are very small in comparison to the cost savings I gain during the winter and spring.

The essentials in winterizing my house include storm doors and windows, the heating and air conditioning system, the roof and gutters and the swimming pool.

Storm door and windows make my heating bill considerably lower in the winter months. By using double pane windows and doors, my natural gas bill is about 30% lower. My heating and air conditioning system has two components, the outside air conditioning unit, and in the internal heater. By covering and servicing my outside air conditioner, I save dollars on worn or weathered parts and lower start up costs in the spring. By changing the filter on my heating system and cleaning my heating ducts, I ensure a cleaner system with less dust and germs floating around my house. Clean filters also helps reduce heating costs as well.

Making sure the roof is not leaking and that the gutters are clean make sure water is moved away from my house and foundation, and keeps ice and snow off paths to my home, lessening the likelihood of accidents by visitors. Last of all, by winterizing the pool, pipes and pumps are set for the freezing cold and are not broken when spring comes again. With these items addressed, I can relax and enjoy watching my directv hd dvr specials during the winter months!

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