Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bathroom storage

Guest post written by Lauren Rockwell

I learned pretty early when I started looking at apartments in New York that bathrooms are weird there.

The apartment that I ended up signing the lease for has a stand alone bath tub with a shower faucet that comes out of the wall. I'm used to shower doors and have almost had a few close calls slipping in the tub and almost falling through the shower curtains that go around the tub. That was just in the first week.

So I after I finally decided to get more info on my Internet service and set it up, I looked up some stuff to get some ideas for decorating my bathroom.

I found a good bath mat and some sturdier shower curtains. I also was using a coat rack as a towel rack. So I found one that stuck on the wall and matched the decor. I also bought some matching bath mats and a cabinet that fits on top of the toilet so I can put all of my toiletries there.

It's small, but it's going to have to work.

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