Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Walking in the Deep End by Susan Parker

Eleven-year-old Susan Parker must keep vigil during a family tragedy that plunges her tomboy innocence into the murk of family dysfunction—with Evangelicals as her only lifeguards. Tender to the bone, Walking in the Deep End is an earnest and engaging memoir, written with honesty, spunk, and humor. Buffeted by currents of suicide, bulimia, religious hypocrisy, and romantic heartbreak, Parker finds courage and hope in her search for truth and identity. Walking in the Deep End draws you into her compelling and, at times, uncanny experience of authentic spirituality.

This is by far one of my favorite memoirs. Reading Susan's book brought me back to an uncomfortable place. I have had my own struggle with depression and starving myself and looking back on it was painful but necessary. I felt like I was going through it all over again, but this time, I had a friend who was there through it all. I actually feel stronger now and for that, I owe a lot to Walking in the Deep. Anyone who suffers from depression or has a dysfunctional family could really benefit from reading this book.

Silvercat Publications
January 1, 2010
352 pages
$17.95 US

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