Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gossip Girl my Favorite Teen Drama

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One of the best dramas on TV today is Gossip Girl, this show has it all. Great characters like Serena with her long golden hair and stylish way of dressing, she is a kind friend to everyone. Blair is a lot of fun especially when she is plotting against someone. Her relationship with broken Chuck has kept me riveted since the beginning of the show. Dan is always there for those who need him; I can't wait to find out if Georgina's baby is really his. Jenny has created a mess for all of her loved ones, she used to be such a sweet girl, and I hope she is able to work things out with her Mom. I'm able to forget reality for awhile because their lives differ from mine completely. I love the New York City setting it's very glamorous and fun to see the wealthy side of the city.

Lily is Serena's mother and she is a beautiful wealthy socialite married to Dan's father Rufus. They had dated when they were younger and had a son together whom they gave up for adoption.

Vanessa is Dan's former best friend now his girlfriend, she is currently in Haiti helping the disaster there. This show brings teen drama to a new standard, I always watch Gossip Girl on direct tv houston using my DVR that way I never miss an episode.

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