Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: A Disagreement in Idaho by Holt E. Glenn

One Of The Greatest Challenges Facing America Today Is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

It is a historical fact that this country has been built on the foundation of immigration, but even the United States of America, with her ability and willingness to accept and assimilate peoples from all over the world is beginning to slowly sink under an unofficial policy of Open Borders. If one doubts such a statement.... just look at the disarray Southern California now finds itself in!

What would happen if a State, frustrated by Washington's unwillingness to enforce the laws and do anything about the illegal immigrants who are swarming into that State, decided to pass unprecedented legislation of their own in order to combat this problem? Such is the premise of this novel, "A DISAGREEMENT IN IDAHO."

Born and bred in Idaho, Governor Seabon Wilson is a rancher by trade and only entered politics because of his frustration with the corruption and incompetence he sees coming out of the State Capital in Boise. He wins the election easily, and enjoys widespread support as he cuts wasteful spending, lowers taxes, and promotes tourism. But it is his decision to confront the exploding illegal immigration problem within his State that will affect his life in ways he could not possibly imagine. Ignoring the growing threats from Washington, he proposes sweeping legislation that will effectively cut off ALL health & welfare services to illegals, deny them ALL educational opportunities, and places heavy fines on businesses that employ illegals.

He tells a reporter shortly after proposing the legislation."We will be as compassionate as possible, but the laws of this state and nation must be enforced. We will not become like those areas in this country that actually promote and encourage illegals to come and live there. Idaho will not abide such stupidity and silliness!"

"A DISAGREEMNENT IN IDAHO" casts a large ominous shadow across this great land as it moves down into Mexico and Central America, then on towards the Middle East. Perhaps, it is a story that foretells what awaits us as a people and a nation, if we continue to willfully ignore our laws!

I found this book to be extremely interesting.  A Disagreement in Idaho is different than any book I have ever read.  It held a lot of controversial information along with a fictional story.  I would recommend this book to anyone who finds the synopsis intriguing.

Outskirts Press, Inc.
July 15, 2010
450 pages
$17.95 US

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