Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: What Alice Knew: A Most Curious Tale of Henry James and Jack the Ripper

An invalid for most her life, Alice James is quite used to people underestimating her. And she generally doesn’t mind. But this time she is not about to let things alone. Yes, her brother Henry may be a famous author, and her other brother William a rising star in the new field of psychology. But when they all find themselves quite unusually involved in the chase for a most vile new murderer—one who goes by the chilling name of Jack the Ripper—Alice is certain of two things:
No one could be more suited to gather evidence about the nature of the killer than her brothers. But if anyone is going to correctly examine the evidence and solve the case, it will have to be up to her.

I enjoyed this book so much!  I was engrossed from the second page all the way to the end.  Paula weave's a rich tale that shouldn't be missed.  Alice is one of my favorite characters of all time and I'm sure you will agree when you read this book.


Paula Marantz Cohen is a Distinguished Professor of English at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She is the author of Jane Austen in Boca, Jane Austen in Scarsdale, and Much Ado About Jessie Kaplan, and four scholarly works of nonfiction, including Alfred Hitchcock: The Legacy of Victorianism, Silent Film and the Triumph of the American Myth, and The Daughter’s Dilemma: Family Process and the Nineteenth-Century Domestic Novel. Paula is also the host of The Drexel Interview, a cable TV show based in Philadelphia.

Sourcebooks Landmark
September 7, 2010
352 pages
$14.99 US

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