Monday, January 30, 2012

Eat or Cook Great Food and Get Paid!

Hundreds of regular people all across the world are STARVING everyday!!

Starving for more time with friends and family…
Starving for value and a better quality of life…
Starving for a healthy alternative at the dinner table…
Starving for a new experience…

Introducing Chef 52: an online community marketplace, bringing together people who LOVE to cook, with people who LOVE to eat. From the hobbyist to the celebuchef, the pie lady to the accredited professional, chefs can create a profile, sell their services, accept payments, and grow their business based on community feedback.

Through delicious localvore style meals, private or group lessons and Chef 52 events, they’re getting families out of the drive-thru lines and back to the table where they can reclaim their foodie independence.

They’ll be launching privately in the coming weeks so please sign up to be first in line to test out all the neat tools and fun experiences during their closed beta. Just click on over to Chef 52 and enter your email address. It’s really simple: see below.

Enter Your Email and Click ‘GO’

Copy Down Your Personal Referral URL

Receive Your Confirmation Email

The initial testing group will be, comparatively, quite small but it will grow as they eliminate bugs and are happy with the applications stability. To be fair they will be inviting people in order, so those who have requested access to the beta first, will be first in. So sign up now! Once their testers (i.e., you) are happy, they will be opening the beta to the public. To be a part of this world changing application simply join us at Chef 52! And if you share your personal link with others and they sign up as your referral you could win $500 smackers. That’s a LOT of dough!

Thanks for your interest in Chef 52 – they’re in development and it is going to be delicious!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!! You are making me so hungry!!! Thanks for the great recipes!!! They all sound wonderful!! Rita Spratlen