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Author Spotlight - JT Keitt


With Every Miracle There Comes A Price... From the beginning, Patricia Ann Hall knew she had a secret. Within a darkness of shouting voices that only she could hear, inside a world only her eyes could see, she grasped onto a deadly Miracle that although cruel and deceptive, offered her the only escape. Sex was the weapon. Money was the bait. Sanity was the vehicle. And someone had to suffer. Patricia’s daughter Symphony finds that even she can’t erase the melody of the madness as her past catches up to her, and everything she thought was real reveals its true identity. But is it too late?

Guest Post: Who has been your biggest influence and why?

If I had to say who has influenced me most, the accolade couldn’t fall upon one person, or for that matter one group of people. In fact, by whom I’ve been mostly influenced rests upon the shoulders of those I know who have longed to be heard or ‘read’ at one time or another.

I am influenced by the non-reader desperate for an escape; the non-writer searching for a therapeutic outlet—a place to lay their voice; the scorned seeking an answer and finally; the outcast hoping for inclusion.

Who influences me most are those who’ve lived and breathed the words I write and the ones who’ve afforded me the opportunity to write those words.


Because without a story there is nothing to say- no journey to travel-and it is their told and untold journey that I explore. They tell me to “say it” because I can and because it must be said, and to say it the way it comes out. So I say it through my writing, simply because they demand that of me, whether they realize it or not.

I’m not sure exactly why they influence me; perhaps it is their calling to do so. But I do know why I am influenced.

I am influenced mostly by their drive to keep going when all signs say “STOP”. I am influenced by their decision to recreate the rules, thus recreating their purpose. Most importantly, I am influenced by the role each and every one of them had in making it okay to travel roads untraveled, to make intentional mistakes, and to take unprecedented risks.

Sure, I love playing it safe at times, resting, and in some cases going down a nicely paved road. But if I should decide I’d rather take the detour, or perhaps the longer, less traveled and much bumpier path, it is because they did it and survived. Whether mentally, emotionally, physically, psychologically, or just simply through me, they indeed survived and because of this, I know I will too (pardon the cliché).

JT Keitt
(Self-published author)

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