Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For The Geek In Me

When I am shopping online, I come across the coolest stuff.  Things that I would probably never be able to find in any store near my home.  Gift giving has become a much more enjoyable task because I can find something unique that will fit a person's taste perfectly.  I'm particularly fond of Geek Gifts.  A lot of people in my life go gaga for any and all things Star Wars.  Yes, I'm one of those people too.  Show me an item that features Darth Vader or Han Solo and I'm sold! 

The really great thing about online shopping is all the deals and coupons you can take advantage of.  When I see something that I like, I will actively search for a disclount.  For example, when I find a poster of the "Evolution of the Cylon", I would search for both Print Place coupons and PsPrint gift codes.  This way, I can buy the product without feeling guilty because I did my research and saved some much needed cash.  This comes in especially handy when I have more than one present to buy.  Sometimes it even frees up enough money for me to buy myself a little something, which is an added bonus!

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