Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review & #Giveaway: Promised Valley War by Ron Fritsch


In Promised Valley War, the youthful farmer and hunter who knowingly commit treason every moment they spend together, along with others among their peoples most curious about their “eternal” enemies and most willing to treat them as their equals, nevertheless set the stage for what they’ve feared more than anything else: another horrifying war.


I picked up Promised Valley War immediately after finishing the first book in the series, Promised Valley Rebellion.  I was thrilled that the second book kept up with the pace of the first and was just as addictive.  If you are a fan of books like Clan of The Cave Bear, you have to read the Promised Valley series.  I am anxiously awaiting the release of books number three and four!

About Ron Fritsch:

Photograph © John Moll

I grew up in rural northern Illinois. My father and mother were hard-working tenant farmers who loved to read. So did my siblings (one older sister, one older brother, one younger sister) and I.

I obtained a bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Illinois (major: history; minor: English literature) and a law degree cum laude from Harvard Law School.

I became a public-service attorney representing indigent and disabled adults and abused and neglected children. All during my life as a lawyer, I spent most of my time writing arguments on behalf of my clients, in the trial courts as well as the higher appeals courts.

For many years now, I’ve lived in Chicago with my partner who has picked me up when I’ve fallen, and driven me home again, possibly as many times as I have him.

I’m writing and publishing a four-book series of novels asking whether history and civilization might’ve begun and proceeded differently than they did.

Visit the Promised Valley website.

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