Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review - Woolite COMPLETE



Woolite® COMPLETE delivers the right balance of cleaning and caring. It doesn't contain harsh ingredients, so it won't cause shrinking, stretching, or fading. With Woolite® COMPLETE, you can keep all your clothes looking and feeling like new!


I used Woolite COMPLETE for the first time about a week and a half ago.  I had heard a lot of great things about the Woolite brand but never had the chance to experience it first-hand, until now.  Like most people, I have certain clothes that I want to take extra good care of.  Not because they are expensive or anything like that, but because they make me look pretty dang good.  I feel a lot more confident when I leave home if I am wearing something that compliments my luscious figure while hiding away the imperfections.  Being able to really put Woolite to the test was important to me so I grabbed a couple of my favorite outfits and washed them.  Honestly, I was a little scared because my wardrobe is limited as it is, so if this detergent didn't live up to the hype, I was going to have a bit of a fit.  Thankfully, my clothes came out looking better than ever. 

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Disclosure: Thanks Woolite® for my free sample of Woolite® COMPLETE!


  1. I definitely will have to try this. I used to get it years ago but it was for hand washing things. Thanks for the great review and will have to pick up the coupon later. Rita Spratlen

  2. Thank you for the review. I was wondering if it really cleaned that well!
    radeeolover at yahoo dot com

  3. the woolight is great on spill two if you have the spill on a carper you put in the cleaner with hot water and rinse ti it clean up the spill quick