Sunday, February 26, 2012

Watch Me

Do you ever find yourself lost in a book wondering what time it is? I do this all the time. I will sit down with the current novel I am digesting and before I know it, I have finished the book. This wouldn't be a big deal but when it happens a couple of times a week and household responsibilities aren't receiving the attention they need, it becomes a problem. I'm truly blessed to have a husband who understands my reading addiction and has never once tried to change it. I'm sure it drives him nuts at times but thankfully this is something that I shared with him from the beginning so it comes as no surprise. I do not think I will ever lose my love for reading and for that I am grateful. He has mentioned several times that he thinks I need something like one of Citizen Eco drive watches that might help me realize the time even if I'm engrossed in a book.  While it may not serve the purpose he is going for, it would look pretty good on my wrist, don't you think?  It's amazing what a little accent piece can do for you. 

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