Friday, February 24, 2012

Life Unexpected

It seems like every time I start to think that life is finally going my way, BAM! something happens that sets me back. I used to dwell on this and wonder, why me? As I have aged, I now know that it happens to everyone. Life has a way of showing you that no matter what you do, you cannot prepare for everything.

I have come to terms with this inevitability and realized that the only thing that I can do is move forward. We recently paid off some debt and thought that things were looking up, finally! Then, the check engine light in our car came on and we found out that we have a major oil leak. The only way we will be able to afford to fix it right away is by borrowing money.

While I could let this get me down, I'm just thanking my lucky stars that the car still runs.  Sometimes, you have to take things one step at a time and realize that while you can't control everything, you can control how you let it affect you.


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I planned an event to spread awareness of modern slaveryin late January through February, thinking that this is my slow time and I'd have enough time to put into. Early in February my Dad passed away. The day after his memorial we all got bronchitis. The house I cleaned up for everyone visiting on the memorial is HORRIBLE. My husband and I haven't had the energy to do more than the basics (clean enough clothes for my kids to wear, feed them, and do just as much dishes as I need to). So yeah, stuff will knock you over at the least expected moment. But am I sorry I started that event. No...I haven't promoted as much as I would have, but I've muddled along, and I can see I'm doing good.

    There's giveaways involved if you would like to see it:

  2. Life is never what you plan it seems. Just when you plan something things happen which change things. I love your attitude. We can ride the waves as they come and keep looking at the bright side as much as we can.
    Rita Spratlen

  3. I know the feeling. Every time I think we're finally gonna be debt free, something else happens... It's depressing but I guess just the way life goes...