Sunday, January 8, 2012


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I told my boss to visit after I went over to her house for the company Christmas party this year. She had all of these really nice flat screen televisions throughout the house. When I went over there to help her cook and set up for the party, we were watching television. When I was flipping through the channels, I noticed that she didn’t have any of the HD channels! I thought it was just a shame that she had all of these really nice tvs and the picture wasn’t even filling the whole screen! I explained to her that the HD quality channels were different and would show up differently on the television if she added them. Her favorite television week is “Shark Week”. I told her that she needed to hurry up and upgrade her channels because she had no idea what she was missing and that “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel was AWESOME in HD! I hope that she takes my advice, because I think that she would be getting a whole lot more out of all of those expensive televisions that she has! It might get me some brownie points at work :).

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