Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

I used the internet connection that we recently got by logging onto to do some research for my husband. I think that he may be the world’s worst snorer. The snoring is so bad that I have gotten worn out with hitting him at night to make him stop. Sometimes, I just get up and go sleep on the couch, but I can still hear him in the living room from the bed room. It is so annoying. My mom was really concerned and said that I needed to read up on sleep aptnea when I told her about the problem. She said that snoring could be a sign of a bigger problem that could be potentially deadly. Apparently, from the research that I have done on-line you can stop breathing in the middle of the night. So, I decided to look into getting him to see an ear, nose ,and throat doctor. He has an appointment next week, but has to go into the lab to get a sleep study before then. I am just glad that we are getting this problem nipped in the bud so that I can get some sleep!

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  1. Actually, my dad is also a victim of loud snoring. However, the main reason is that he consumes alcohol about daily, which is a great snoring inducer.